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Share the good! Share! Share! It could get to one that might need that ride anytime! Share to businesses so they can offer!

How many friends and acquaintances have you known to fallen in the cracks and are now past because of a decision that was so avoidable? More than I care to mention. I have had the honor of knowing some really great people. One I would like to mention started by him calling Eco Taxi for rides to and from work. All the drivers got to know him. He shared with us his joys of his high school sweetheart coming in contact after so many years that pass. He shared the joys of his son that he is raising all on his own. He was a good person that one night left the bar and never made it home. If we can get DDD Vouchers in the establishments, it would just be so easy to change the normal to "Your ride is outside and here is your ticket for your ride home and another one for your ride back early morning when you wake to come get your car". Nonjudgmental rides home in the local areas. Don't miss someone so much it hurts. Pay it forward could go to abused women and children to get them out of danger or even someone to a rehab for substance abuse. This covers so many in need and starts a change in a life on the right path.

You can donate to make this reality or purchase a T-shirt to bring awareness to the program!! Thank you in advance from all of us! Share with the next 10 people to spread the word. Don't keep it to yourself. Share for the good to others!